Baltimore Ravens / Under Armour
In Game Video Prompt
This is the in game Under Armour video prompt that will play during the 2018-2019 NFL season, in M&T Bank stadium. Only played when the Ravens are on defense! Created in Maya and rendered with V-ray. Had some fun mimicking a "Jurassic Park" style eye opening shot. Also added in some smoke effects coming off the raven with Maya fluids. Used mash for background feathers and a whole bunch of post compositing in After Effects. It's also rendered out a really large size at 60fps which makes things so smooth and hyper-real on screen. This is always a fun one because its probably the thing that gets the most eyes! Go RAVENS!
We stopped by M&T Bank Stadium to test out the prompt before the season started. Always cool to see it up on the big screen!
Video captured in a pre-season game of the Ravens prompt. This shows off the LED animations along the length of the stadium as well.
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